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Bedford County Fire & Rescue values our volunteer agencies and has sponsored a text-to-give campaign for each agency that allows donations to be made via text message. Those donations can be one-time or recurring and go directly to the selected agency and are tax deductible.

Bedford FD    540-889-0544
Boonsboro F&R    434-478-1086
Forest FD    434-231-2099
Moneta FD    540-413-0808
Montvale FD    540-210-1077
Saunders FD    540-274-3053
SML FD    540-726-6380
Stew-Cham FD    540-889-3737
Shady Grove Fire & Rescue    540-835-5521
Montvale Rescue    540-660-7774
Huddleston Rescue    540-889-3130
Hardy Rescue    540-726-6471
Stewartsville Rescue    540-377-1188

Big Island Emergency Crew   434-478-1822

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  1. Text the department of your choice

  2. You'll receive a prompt asking for the amount you'd like to give

  3. The last step is registering your payment method

It's easy and a great way to show your support. 

You will be able to give this amount as a one time gift or a recurring weekly/monthly donation. 

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