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Repository for COVID-19 information to be used by Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue and associated partner agencies.



Screening questions for MEDCOMM

Screening questions for patients coming by EMS to Centra facilities.


LGH STIP Tent Criteria

Information to use for patients going to LGH STIP tent.


VDH COVID-19 Healthcare Personnel Risk Assessment Tool

Virginia Department of Health risk assessment tool for healthcare providers.


Temporary Image Trend/PCR Changes Due to COVID-19 Response

Changes for Image Trend during the COVID-19 pandemic response.


BREMS Provider Work Decision Matrix

Flow chart about if an EMS provider can work.


Lewis-Gale Medical Center Updates

Lewis-Gale Medical Center Update for EMS Rooms.




Provider Quarantine/Decon Procedures

Decon procedures for suspected COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 Cleaning Agents

EPA's registered anti-microbial products for use against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19


BREMS Directive: Drug Box Contamination Mitigation & Decon 3-13-2020

BREMS directive regarding drug box mitigation of contamination and decon procedures.


WVEMS Drug Box Decontamination Form

WVEMS Drug Box Decontamination Memo

Memo about drug box decon procedures.



BREMS Documents for COVID-19 Response & Treatment

BREMS protocols & procedures regarding COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 In-home Symptom Tracker

Tracking sheet to track symptoms of illness.

How to use COVID-19 Worksheets in Elite

Step-by-step guide to using worksheets for COVID-19 responses.



BREMS Directive: Non-Essential Personnel 3-13-2020

BREMS directive for non-essential personnel on EMS transport units.

Possible Alternatives to N95 Respirators

Information on possible alternatives to N95 Respirators in the U.S. & Canada

Current CDC COVID-19 Info

Information sheet from the CDC about COVID-19.

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